you're unreal so as am I

DAYDREAM FLIGHTS is a group spontaneously formed in 2017, as an occasion for parties of mentally defective young (and not very) people. Inspired by some old depressive Soviet movies, the guys began to play music saturated both with pain and euphoria.



Official Video

Where is your way?
Maybe in the woods, field, sewer?
The Way


LIVE video from the Dark Alley festival August 31, 2019


«… the band really showcasing the underlying darkness in the music they make which here is tinged with those characteristic atmospheric sounds, making the listener think not everything is bleak and chaotic»

«It’s an interesting and unique interpretation of the genre and the band seems to have found the right way to deliver what they call “pain and euphoria.” Definitely worth your time if you are into Black Metal with some variation.»

«As for the music itself, you can expect quite a bit of longing and sorrow in the atmospheric black/post-black tradition. That sense of gloom washes over the listener from the start and never lets go»

«Melancholic atmospheres and dreamlike environments characterize the wide sound of this album, when combined with elements of black metal, seen from the guttural and singing along with the accelerated percussion of raw black metal, reflects a loud sound but without scratching on the unbearable and which implements the melody throughout»

«“Whisper” es un disco que aúna tanta ira como melancolía, la cual se reparte a lo largo de 10 canciones y 45 minutos de duración, a base de riffs estridentes y armonías que consiguen arrancarnos la piel y despojarnos de nuestra zona de confort para seguidamente empujarnos a un mar repleto de verdades que nos negamos a creer, haciéndonos pedazos… Sus trémolos son verdaderamente dolorosos y las distorsiones nos machacan una y otra vez, sin descanso.»



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